<% SQL = "SELECT * FROM LOGININFO" RS.Open SQL, Databas databas.execute("INSERT INTO LOGININFO (IPNR, XTIME, XDATE,WEBREADER) VALUES ('" & Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") & "','" & FormatDateTime(Now(),4) & "','" & FormatDateTime(Now(),2) & "','" & REQUEST.ServerVariables("SERVER_SOFTWARE") & "')") %> TeamElite Terrorist DC Network
Warning for TeamElite don´t even use there Hublist you risk to become infected or attacked!

This team is spreading trojans in different forms and driving with a lot of congestion when receiving servers that will not obey this team!
There is a dchubs commando who looks like this $ConnectToMe and team bit sets dc hubs and the users from various other dc hubs and takes into userna of its hubs and from there they drive an attack called DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service against various targets .

For dc hubs, it needs a bit Hublists and team have now built on all the other 2 pieces Hublists is dead! The reason is that some teams have attacked all Hublists who were serious because they will be able to steer and control the Direct Connect and Direct Connect destroy the whole lot of threats, virus attacks and more.

[-TE-]-RoLex is associated in Norrköping
[-TE-]-Molotov is associated in Trollhättan

These 2 runs with a Hublists it to look so nice and legally out! But the truth is with these 2 Hublists so take them out which dc hubs that do not have filter that blocks the use of hubs to DDoS attacks! As they then collect a list for myself to use them.

And we all know that congestion attacks is illegal! But police in Sweden are powerless they both lack the knowledge or people who can handle these crimes were out of the teamelite that has 3 little pieces of Swedish members of the Court above you can see that it deals with crime on a large scale.
And are you making Abuse to their Internet service provider like this Bredbands bolaget, Bredband2, ComHem and Bahnhof so they do nothing.
These Internet companies, I think quite frankly is damn bad! For those not taking care of their customers when dealing with crimes that only they hide behind, you may file a police report.
And the police, in turn, says you can turn to their Internet service provider it is their duty to take care of this.
And I think that actually sounds reasonable.

But, unfortunately, do not these Internet companies that.
So you could say you want to deal with crimes choose it when the above Internet provider!

So a warning is for you who are out in the Direct Connect do not use these 2 Hublists

Rolex hublist = http://www.dchublist.com/
Molotov hublist = http://www.qsdchublist.com/

For these 2 Hublists we should not give any support to those who run those involved in criminal activity!

[-TE-]-Molotov is associated in Trollhättan Sweden
[-TE-]-Neo Poland
[-TE-]-RoLex is associated in Norrköping Sweden
[-TE-]-Meka][Meka England
[-TE-]-Sarah Finland
[-TE-]-Lord_Zero Romania
[-TE-]-Ashura Germany
[-TE-]-Doozer is associated in Falun Sweden
[-TE-]-Malasorte Romania

Here are some teams out a bit dc hubs as they hide in dc hubs they have


Most likely this will be a contradictory debate here in the IDG is the fact that one part out of them sits here in the IDG, and some friends out of their support! So do not be surprised when you see the reply in which teamelite are good bit more.
It is they themselves and their friends as support to do so teamelite appears to be a nice dc network.
It is rumored that Lord-Zero is in prison now for just then it crime and right now trying to teamelite hide all traces and play legal rules purporting to be with a team that finds bugs in various codes such as firewalls, Web, etc..
One of them called Ne0 the team a bit, he sat up a website that looked like paypal and stole their bank details and emptied their bank accounts.

So I hope this can be of some use to you to keep to the Direct Connect I warn you to really even go into the dc to dc today is a shit place where only mass theft attacks, death threats spread out various viruses, etc..
Teamelite spreading of trojans in torrents! So watch what you download so you do not get your computer hacked or become a part out of a so-called botnets.


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